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This is a weird-look­ing bat­tery plus ter­mi­nal. Not hav­ing seen one be­fore, I won­dered if there was a spe­cial tool re­quired to over­come some mad bit of French over-com­pli­ca­tion. In fact, it’s in­cred­i­bly quick and easy to dis­con­nect…

…as all you need to do is flip the red bit up­wards and the plus ter­mi­nal is in­stantly dis­con­nected – an ex­cel­lent idea if you ever needed to dis­con­nect the bat­tery in a hurry. Give the ter­mi­nal a wipe over and ap­ply some grease.

We men­tioned the yel­low ar­row in Step 2 – it’s the quick re­lease lever for the bat­tery clamp. It’s a bit tricky, but you need to pull the lever side­ways to re­lease the bat­tery. In prac­tice, the bat­tery re­quired a good old heave to ex­tract.

Here is the new Vetech bat­tery fit­ted – it was a slight strug­gle to get it into place and for the re­lease lever to lock into po­si­tion (make sure the bat­tery tray is nice and clean). The 207 now starts with far more en­thu­si­asm than it for­merly did.

Re­move the neg­a­tive ter­mi­nal first by slack­en­ing this 10mm nut and wig­gling it free. You should al­ways dis­con­nect the neg­a­tive first (as when work­ing on electrics) as it iso­lates all the ve­hi­cle wiring earth points.

The front bat­tery cover comes off first, fol­lowed by the sec­ond sec­tion. We’re not sure why Peu­geot de­signed the cover in two sec­tions as there’s room to re­move the whole thing in one go. No­tice the yel­low ar­row – we’ll re­fer to that later.

The 207 bat­tery lives un­der the bon­net, be­neath this plas­tic box – it’s ac­tu­ally in two sec­tions but is easy to re­move. The bat­tery specs are 62Ah, 540A SAE and it doesn’t need cod­ing to the car.

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