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Draper’s of­fer­ing has a sturdy pump that is built into the 2.0-litre ca­pac­ity con­tainer, ad­ja­cent to which is a spring-loaded re­lease valve that evac­u­ates pres­sure swiftly. The hor­i­zon­tally side-mounted pres­sure gauge boasts a rub­ber cover to pre­vent dam­age and we also ap­pre­ci­ated the small side han­dle. To re­duce spillage, the fluid filler aper­ture is wide and an­gled up­wards. The in­ter­nal brake fluid pick-up tube does not ex­tend to the bot­tom of the flat-bot­tomed reser­voir, how­ever, mean­ing that some wastage is in­evitable.

Uniquely, Draper in­cludes a re­mov­able rub­ber base that re­duces the risk of the unit slip­ping from the en­gine bay, which is a very good idea. We ex­pected a flaw­less per­for­mance but the tested sam­ple not only leaked brake fluid be­tween the metal and plas­tic parts of the mas­ter cylin­der cap when un­der pres­sure (which risks dam­ag­ing paint­work and caus­ing cor­ro­sion), but it also over­filled our reser­voir when dis­mounted.

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