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The CHT857 is a fairly recent ad­di­tion to the Clarke Tools port­fo­lio and seeks to ad­dress var­i­ous short­falls of its com­peti­tors. Its pres­sure gauge, mounted along­side the pump, is an­gled up­wards for easy ref­er­ence, leav­ing the wide aper­ture point­ing ver­ti­cally for easy top-ups. The pres­sure re­lease valve is op­er­ated via a knurled knob, rather than a spring-mounted valve, mak­ing it eas­ier to con­trol. The side han­dle is larger than that of the Draper, too, and the mould­ing in­cludes a pro­vi­sion for the unit to be hung, de­spite a hook not be­ing pro­vided. The fluid pick-up hose sits within its own small well at the bot­tom of the reser­voir, en­sur­ing min­i­mal waste of new brake fluid. Use­fully, the semi-translu­cent con­tainer in­cor­prates a cal­i­brated scale.

Clarke also sells a uni­ver­sal cap adapter for non-con­ven­tional mas­ter cylin­der sizes. Com­bined with a very com­pet­i­tive price, the CHT857 is a bril­liant tool that we ex­pected to storm to vic­tory. How­ever, like the Draper, not only did the

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