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Alfa Tec­nico’s rec­om­mended ser­vice sched­ule for the 147 GTA.

EV­ERY 12,000 MILES or 12 MONTHS

Change oil and fil­ter

Re­new air fil­ter

Check coolant level and test con­cen­tra­tion

Check brake fluid level and test water con­tent

Check tyre con­di­tion, pres­sure and tread

Top up screen­wash fluid

Check bat­tery

Check wiper blades and washer jets

Check all en­gine bay hoses and pipework for con­di­tion and leaks

Lubri­cate all locks and hinges

Check steer­ing and sus­pen­sion com­po­nents

Check brakes; strip and clean or re­new as nec­es­sary

Check hand­brake op­er­a­tion

Check auxiliary drive­belt

Check all in­stru­ments and con­trols


Re­new spark plugs

Re­fresh brake fluid

EV­ERY 30,000-40,000 MILES

Re­new gear­box oil

EV­ERY 50,000 MILES or 60 MONTHS

Re­new tim­ing and auxiliary belts

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