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When I have started my 2007 Volvo V70 in the morn­ing, I have found the steer­ing to be noisy when turn­ing the steer­ing wheel first one way and then the other way. Once the car has warmed-up, the prob­lem goes away.

I ini­tially thought it might be steer­ing pump trou­ble, so, for the last cou­ple of morn­ings, I used a hot air blower to warm up the steer­ing pump be­fore start­ing the car. This re­solved the prob­lem.

The pump has not lost any fluid. Would a fluid change cure the prob­lem? SP Skel­ton While the prob­lem may well be the steer­ing pump, I sus­pect that it is more likely a slip­ping drive­belt caus­ing the noise. When cold, the drive­belt is less pli­able and more likely to lose grip on the pulley. As the belt warms up, this in­creases its flex­i­bil­ity and it's less likely to slip. So al­though the noise may be com­ing from the pump – in which case chang­ing the steer­ing fluid may help – I would also con­sider re­plac­ing the drive­belt.

There is a worst case sce­nario in which the pump is fail­ing and putting ex­tra pres­sure on the drive­belt. As your steer­ing is work­ing without any other prob­lems, I would not ex­pect this to be the case.

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