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Al­ready known for its range of touch-up paint­work kits, Chipex has de­vel­oped a set of high-end prod­ucts to cover all as­pects of caring for your car's body­work. The range com­prises:

Ul­tra-high Per­for­mance Aqua­pho­bic

Screen­wash (1 litre; £13.95) This su­per-con­cen­trated, biodegrad­able screen­wash ac­tively re­pels rain­wa­ter, as well as keep­ing wind­screens free from mark­ings and poor vis­i­bil­ity, re­duc­ing glare, stop­ping wipers from squeak­ing and acts as an an­tifreeze to –2°C.

Fac­tory Fin­ish In­te­rior and Dash­board

Cleaner (500ml; £12.95) The spe­cial for­mu­la­tion not only re­moves dust, dirt and other con­tam­i­nants from in­te­rior sur­faces, but also re­duces re-soil­ing due to its an­ti­static abil­i­ties, leav­ing your car with a satin fin­ish and new-car fra­grance.

Fac­tory Fin­ish Uber Su­per Con­cen­trate

Car Sham­poo (500ml; £12.95) Uses the lat­est tech­nol­ogy to en­hance your car’s body­work, leav­ing it not only sparklingly clean but with a pro­tec­tive elec­tro­static coat to help re­duce re-soil­ing. Pro­duces a lush foam and fra­grance, with low smear char­ac­ter­is­tics and a streak-free rinse-off.

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