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With the en­gine 1 sus­pended by an en­gine crane, we could strip it down at waist-height to save on bend­ing over and po­ten­tially in­jur­ing our backs. At this stage, we couldn’t se­cure the en­gine and gear­box to an en­gine stand be­cause they would need to be sep­a­rated.

Af­ter back­ing-off 2 the spring-loaded auto-ten­sioner for the aux­il­iary drive­belt us­ing a 15mm ring span­ner, the drive­belt was re­moved and dis­carded. Next, the al­ter­na­tor was de­tached – it’s se­cured with 18mm bolts and a 13mm nut for the wiring.

The front 3 crankshaft pul­ley is held by four Ribe 45 bolts, which need to be un­done with a spe­cific bit. It looks sim­i­lar to a Torx, but isn’t ex­actly the same, so there’s a risk of slip­ping and dam­ag­ing the head of the bolt if the wrong bit is used.

The up­per front 4 tim­ing belt cover is se­cured with a series of Ribe 30 bolts. The en­gine mount be­low should also be de­tached by un­do­ing the four 18mm bolts. We could now see the wa­ter pump and re­alised it’s the cause of one of the coolant leaks.

The en­gine loom 5 was de­tached from the en­gine and stored safely in the boot area. We had man­aged to ex­tract the en­gine last month with the en­gine har­ness at­tached, but now it was time to fully re­move it.

The diesel 6 par­tic­u­late fil­ter is hid­den be­hind this heat­shield. Be­fore the heat­shield could be re­moved, we had to ex­tract an ex­haust gas tem­per­a­ture sen­sor unit. The Lambda sen­sor above it could re­main in place.

With the heat­shield 7 re­moved, sev­eral 13mm and 18mm bolts were un­done to re­lease the DPF from where it’s mounted to the side of the en­gine block and clamped to the tur­bocharger. We could al­ready see a ma­jor prob­lem.

Judg­ing by the 8 weld­ing marks on our DPF, it has been il­le­gally mod­i­fied. We sus­pect the in­nards have been re­moved and it’s pos­si­ble the ECU has been remapped. We can­not re­fit this DPF and must re­place it with one that has not been tam­pered with.

More parts were 9 re­moved from the same side of the en­gine as the DPF. First, three 13mm bolts for the power steer­ing pump were un­done and the pump ex­tracted. It ap­pears to be in good con­di­tion, so we will re­use it.

The air­con pump 10 is a lit­tle bulkier to re­move be­cause it’s at­tached to a mount, which can be de­tached at the same time. All of this assem­bly is se­cured with four 13mm bolts and sev­eral 15mm bolts.

The en­gine 11 oil dip­stick was straight­for­ward to ex­tract, once the 10mm bolt se­cur­ing its mount­ing bracket to the side of the en­gine block had been un­done. A gen­tle twist and pull of the sleev­ing helped to re­lease it.

There was no 12 point in tim­ing up the en­gine be­cause it was go­ing to be stripped down to a bare block. The cylin­der­head can re­main com­plete, but the wa­ter pump, ten­sioner and idler pul­ley will all need to be re­newed and then the tim­ing re­set.

The starter 13 mo­tor is se­cured to the side of the en­gine block and the bell­hous­ing with 13mm nuts and bolts. Once un­done, this could be ma­noeu­vred out and stored in the boot of the In­signia.

A se­lec­tion 14 of breather hoses and a can­is­ter were de­tached and re­moved from the side of the en­gine block. The oil fil­ter hous­ing and oil cooler could then be ac­cessed and ex­tracted by un­do­ing the 15mm bolts.

The in­jec­tors have 15 to be ex­tracted to re­move the cam cover and ac­cess the cylin­der­head bolts. Af­ter de­tach­ing some of the fuel pipes and un­do­ing the bolts se­cur­ing the in­jec­tors, we care­fully lev­ered them out and, luck­ily, none of them were awk­ward to re­move.

The cam cover is 16 ac­tu­ally a camshaft car­rier, with the camshafts in­side it. Af­ter un­do­ing 18 13mm bolts, the com­plete assem­bly was lifted up and away, then stored safely in the boot of the car.

The cylin­der­head 17 is se­cured by 10 Torx T60 bolts. Af­ter slack­en­ing them with a breaker bar, we quickly wound them out us­ing an im­pact driver and dis­carded them. The head was re­moved with the tur­bocharger and many other an­cil­lar­ies still at­tached.

The gear­box 18 bell­hous­ing is se­cured to the en­gine block with Torx E14 and E18 bolts. Once all of these had been un­done, we sep­a­rated the two com­po­nents and low­ered them onto the work­shop floor.

The clutch and 19 dual mass fly­wheel were re­moved. The clutch looked rel­a­tively new, but there was very lit­tle re­sis­tance in the DMF, sug­gest­ing it hadn’t been re­newed at the same time.

Fi­nally, the 20 19mm bolt for the crankshaft tim­ing cog was un­done and ex­tracted, fol­lowed by the sump and crankshaft, be­fore send­ing the block, crank and pis­tons to our lo­cal ma­chine shop.

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