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Price: £25-£30

Il­lu­mi­nated by a 5W Cree LED and pow­ered by a 3.7-volt 2Ah lithium-ion battery, Sealey’s head­torch pro­vides 100 or 360 lu­mens, lasts for 2-6 hours and takes up to six hours to recharge via a mi­cro-usb lead. The il­lu­mi­na­tion and an­gle of light is strong and ideal for work­ing in the dark ar­eas of a ve­hi­cle, such as a whee­larch, plus the body of the torch can be ro­tated to help point the light fur­ther up or down. The rub­ber on/off but­ton is quite easy to find on the side. A rub­ber grom­met/cover for the USB port kept fall­ing off our test model and could eas­ily be lost. A use­ful fea­ture is the mo­tion sen­sor, which when set, al­lows the torch to be switched on and off by wav­ing a hand in front of the lens. This works in an open space, but not so well when work­ing in a whee­larch or un­der­neath a ve­hi­cle where ob­jects can switch it on and off ac­ci­den­tally.

SCORE 8/10

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