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You’ll find the Eos taut, sta­ble and pretty much free from scut­tle shake of any kind. Like other VWS from this era, how­ever, it’s worth get­ting the car up on a twopost lift to check the rear springs, which are prone to frac­tures that only be­come ev­i­dent when the weight’s taken off the wheels. Mean­while, check for un­even tyre wear; at the front, this will in­di­cate worn front sus­pen­sion com­po­nents, namely the wish­bone bushes, while at the rear it might mean that the mul­ti­link ar­range­ment is out of kil­ter.

There was a prob­lem on early cars con­cern­ing the steer­ing rack and some were re­placed un­der war­ranty; if it clunks on full lock, sus­pect prob­lems. Front wheel bear­ings on the very ear­li­est cars might be on their last legs, so lis­ten out for any sus­pi­cious hum­ming on a test-drive.

Brakes on the Eos should feel strong, but make sure there’s no ABS warn­ing light show­ing as pumps and mod­ules have been known to fail. Ditto the ESP light as prob­lems have been re­ported with the ATE Teeves ABS/ESP brake pres­sure sen­sors.

Eos roll-over pro­tec­tion sys­tem in ac­tion.

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