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As from April 1, 2018, a ve­hi­cle man­u­fac­tured be­fore Jan­uary 1, 1978, can fit the older-style blackand-white regis­tra­tion plates, pro­vided the ve­hi­cle is classed as His­toric (see How to ap­ply). Just like the MOT ex­emp­tion and free ve­hi­cle tax, this op­er­ates on a rolling 40-year ba­sis.

The older regis­tra­tion plate can con­sist of char­ac­ters in­deli­bly in­scribed on the sur­face of the plate or at­tached to the sur­face in a way that they can­not read­ily be de­tached from it. The plate can be formed of cast or pressed metal with raised char­ac­ters, a plate to which sep­a­rate char­ac­ters are at­tached or a plas­tic plate hav­ing ei­ther re­verse en­graved char­ac­ters or char­ac­ters of a foil type. It can also con­sist of an un­bro­ken rec­tan­gu­lar area on the sur­face of the ve­hi­cle which is ei­ther flat or, if there is no flat area where the mark is re­quired to be dis­played, an area which is al­most flat.

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