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About a week ago, the battery in my 56-plate Ford Fo­cus hatch­back started show­ing signs of fail­ing – it’s the orig­i­nal Ford battery, so more than 10 years old. I used a ra­dio code saver in the 12V socket and fit­ted a new battery.

The car now starts well and the ra­dio is fine, how­ever I’m get­ting a beep sound­ing every minute or so when the key is turned off or with the key not in at all. At the same time, a small or­ange warn­ing light to the left of the mileage in­di­ca­tor win­dow il­lu­mi­nates for a few sec­onds and a mes­sage comes up say­ing the in­te­rior scan is de­ac­ti­vated. This does not hap­pen when the ig­ni­tion is on or the en­gine is run­ning.

I know there is a rocker switch to the left of the door han­dle on the in­side of the driver’s door which can switch off the in­te­rior scan, but I was un­der the im­pres­sion that once the car was opened again it re­verted to a de­fault set­ting of switch­ing the scan back on. Mal­colm Har­g­reaves

You are cor­rect in say­ing that the in­te­rior scan should re­turn to the de­fault func­tion of ‘On’ once the ve­hi­cle has been un­locked. There are no re­set­ting pro­ce­dures re­quired af­ter dis­con­nect­ing the battery, so pro­vided the cor­rect battery has been fit­ted, the act of re­plac­ing the battery should not have caused any prob­lems. I am

as­sum­ing you have tried us­ing the door­op­er­ated switch to re­in­state the in­te­rior scan, but, if not, I would try this.

There is a slight pos­si­bil­ity that the sys­tem has re­ceived a spike which has dam­aged the con­trol unit at some point dur­ing the battery change. As you have the ra­dio code, I would ad­vise dis­con­nect­ing the battery for a short pe­riod, which may help re­set the alarm sys­tem. Other than re-en­ter­ing the ra­dio code af­ter re­con­nect­ing the battery, the win­dows will have to be re­set; this is eas­ily done by turn­ing the win­dow switch to the ‘up’ po­si­tion for a few sec­onds. If this does not rec­tify the prob­lem, you may need to have the ve­hi­cle con­nected up to the Ford World­wide Di­ag­nos­tic Sys­tem to lo­cate the prob­lem. It may just be a faulty door switch, but with­out a cor­rect di­ag­no­sis you may end up re­plac­ing com­po­nents at ran­dom and get­ting nowhere.

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