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1 Rob’s old tool­boxes and cab­i­nets were crammed full of tools, so he de­cided to see if he could store all of them in one large three-tier cabi­net from Draper Tools. 2 The base of the new cabi­net sits on sub­stan­tial swivel cas­tors, which are se­cured to the un­der­side with sev­eral bolts. The mid­dle drawer sits on top of the base, fol­lowed by the top box. 3 De­spite its over­all size, the top box and mid­dle drawer can be lifted off. Rob de­cided to drill some holes through their bases and the ad­ja­cent cabi­net to en­able him to bolt them all to­gether. Each cabi­net is sup­plied with a lock. 4 While all three parts of the cabi­net are now bolted to­gether and their re­spec­tive draw­ers can be locked, there’s noth­ing stop­ping the whole unit be­ing wheeled away, so Rob an­chored it to the floor with a se­cu­rity chain, lock and shackle. 5 It was time to trans­fer all of Rob’s tools into their new home. The span­ners drawer looked a lit­tle messy, but was soon ti­died with a few crocodile teeth stor­age racks. These were bought from the Clas­sic Car and Restora­tion Show at the NEC. 6 Rob de­cided to keep his old cab­i­nets and move them to the rear of his in­spec­tion pit, where he could store a se­lec­tion of span­ners, ham­mers and pry bars, along with his rust­proof­ing prod­ucts.

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