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Q I have a key­less 2009 Ford Fiesta. My fob al­lows me to open the doors, but some­times when my foot is on the clutch to start the car, it says: ‘Key not de­tected’. I have to get out of the car, lock and un­lock the doors, and try again be­fore it will start. I’m wor­ried that one day it might not start. Mick Peters

A The mes­sage ‘key not de­tected’ is usu­ally dis­played when the key-fob code is not recog­nised. In such cases, the fob will need to be re­pro­grammed. How­ever, as yours only in­ter­mit­tently dis­plays this mes­sage, I sus­pect that the prob­lem is sim­ply a low bat­tery. Hope­fully, re­plac­ing the CR2032 bat­tery will fix the prob­lem. What­ever the case, there is an emer­gency start pro­ce­dure for the ve­hi­cle if the pas­sive key is not recog­nised. This is to use the trans­ceiver, which is placed in the steer­ing lock. By press­ing the pas­sive key gen­tly against the steer­ing col­umn in the po­si­tion where the ig­ni­tion lock would be on a reg­u­lar Fiesta (this will be a blank flat panel), then op­er­at­ing the clutch and start but­ton, the sys­tem will recog­nise the key and al­low the ve­hi­cle to start.

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