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Of all the com­pact hand­held tyre pres­sure gauges on test, this one is eas­i­est to un­der­stand. Four la­belled but­tons clearly ex­plain each func­tion, so you can see how to switch on the gauge, choose the cor­rect unit of mea­sure­ment and take a read­ing. A but­ton la­belled ‘LIGHT’ switches on the back­light upon the first press, then a blue torch (keep­ing the back­light on as well), and switches both of them off with a third press. A ‘MODE’ but­ton switches be­tween pres­sure read­ings and a mil­lime­tre scale for a dig­i­tal tread depth func­tion. At first, this had us puz­zled, un­til we spot­ted a plas­tic tag on the back of the gauge, which is the slider for the tread depth gauge that protrudes out of the top of the de­vice. As all the rest of our gauges on test pro­duce ana­logue read­ings for tread depth, this is seem­ingly the most ac­cu­rate and eas­i­est to read. Over­all, this gauge is straight­for­ward to use and its sin­gle CR2032 bat­tery is sim­ple to ac­cess and change. At times, it was dif­fi­cult to lo­cate the gauge onto the tyre valve and see the read­out, but upon re­leas­ing it, the pres­sure read­ing re­mained dis­played. Its rec­om­mended price is high com­pared with many of the other gauges on test, al­though we found one for half this cost on Ama­zon.

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