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With the ex­cep­tion of a red ‘ON’ but­ton, Sealey’s gauge with hose at­tach­ment is ex­actly the same as the Laser 2961. Even when we opened up the back to ac­cess the CR2032 bat­tery, the com­po­nents in­side and the method of re­new­ing the bat­tery were iden­ti­cal.

There are no in­struc­tions, but we fig­ured out how to switch be­tween dif­fer­ent units of mea­sure­ment by hold­ing down the red but­ton; when the read­out started to flash, we could then re­peat­edly press the but­ton to change the unit. At­tach­ing the end of the hose onto a tyre valve is straight­for­ward, but we some­times strug­gled to get an ac­cu­rate fit and avoid air loss. It’s use­ful to be able to press the bleed valve on the other end of the hose (next to the gauge) to al­low air pres­sure to be re­leased from an over­in­flated tyre, while check­ing the read­out.

Th­ese types of gauges re­set their read­out when the end of the hose is re­leased from the tyre valve.

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