In­spec­tor gad­get: what Ateca tech works?


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Brak­ing bad

As with many brands, the vi­tal blindspot de­tec­tion is an op­tion (here in the £805 Ad­vanced Driv­ing As­sis­tance Pack) – blame its costly radar. Pesky rear cross-tra“ic alert is also in the pack. Par­al­lel park­ing out­side my house, this can slam on the brakes – not be­cause there’s any­thing di­rectly be­hind, but be­cause it’s pan­icked by on­com­ing tra“ic in the other lane. Alarm­ing and in­fu­ri­at­ing.

You will stay in lane

Lane As­sist comes in four di er­ent Ateca packs, in­clud­ing our Ad­vanced Driv­ing As­sis­tance op­tion. Seat’s de­cent sys­tem uses this dis­creet cam­era to scan lane mark­ings, and rather than just beep­ing for a vi­o­la­tion it pro­vides a mea­sured dose of steer­ing cor­rec­tion. Typ­i­cally I keep these things o , but this is worth more in­ves­ti­ga­tion... PHIL McNA­MARA

Xcel­lence by name

Many of the Ateca’s gad­gets are bun­dled into the £1225 Xcel­lence pack. Oc­ca­sion­ally I use Park As­sist for par­al­lel tight spa­ces. Sadly there’s no beep when you pass a big enough space, so you have to drive with an eye on the in­stru­ment panel. The ac­tual park­ing is eerily hu­man: the Ateca slides into the space, then has a sec­ond stab if needed to get tight to the kerb with­out da­m­ag­ing the rim. Nice.

The shin lam­bada

The signiicant oth­ers in the Xcel­lence pack are the top-view cam­era – which ap­peals to my in­ner nerd by ap­prox­i­mat­ing a bay’s white lines on the screen for fas­tid­i­ous, easy park­ing – and the tail­gate’s vir­tual pedal. Car mak­ers, enough! It’s gooily hit and miss, mak­ing you sway about like a chump, and re­dun­dant: even loaded with bags, it’s easy to ex­tend a pinkie and press the boot re­lease.

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