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E Pace uses the same plat­form as Evoque (2660mm wheel­base) and Dis­cov­ery Sport (2741mm), where it does ster­ling ser­vice feel­ing con­vinc­ingly dy­namic in the for­mer and plush if a lit­tle vague in the lat­ter. Jaguar’s gone full A Team on the struc­ture, weld­ing in plates to sti‘en the struc­ture (pre­sum­ably with a mon­tage of slo-mo “ly­ing sparks footage and a rock sound­track), for a more rigid foun­da­tion to its sus­pen­sion work, while set­ting the wheel­base to some­thing suit­ably in be­tween (2681mm) and fun­da­men­tally al­ter­ing the sus­pen­sion geom­e­try. At 4411mm long by 1900mm wide and 1649mm high, E Pace is sim­i­lar in size to the Audi Q3, though you’d need a Q5 with the 249bhp TFSI 2.0-litre petrol to get any­thing like the cross-county speed of the fastest petrol-en­gined E Pace.

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