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Mark Wal­ton’s Nor­way ad­ven­ture in the Ve­lar was a bril­liant read, as was the Icon Buyer ar­ti­cle on Range Rovers in the same Septem­ber is­sue.

I had one of the last Clas­sic Range Rovers in 1994, a V8 com­pany car that I drove 108,000 miles in two years.

The Clas­sic with its vis­cous diff lock and ABS was as good as my Disco 3 that I used to own in the same con­di­tions. You could ham­mer both all day over rough ter­rain know­ing that the un­der­neath could take it. I wouldn’t like to try it in the lat­est Land Rovers over the same miles.

It is amaz­ing that the lat­est cars, bril­liant on road and off, have a bias to road where the Clas­sic was bi­ased to off road. When we had de­cent sur­faced roads the Range Rover was bet­ter suited to off-road and pot­holes. New Range Rovers with large rims and mono­coque body are now driven on worse roads. Mel Pri­est­ley

Roads are get­ting worse and yet more 4x4s are be­ing speci€ied to be best on smooth sur­faces

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