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Is it like sit­ting in a wheelie bin?

Cen­tre con­sole ap­par­ently fash­ioned from triple-thick Tup­per­ware and dash a but­ton-fest that’s both un­fath­omable and mostly in­ac­ces­si­ble due to the gear­lever. Lim­ited spec is gen­er­ous and seats comfy. –

A de­cent steer or some­thing to fear?

En­gine is loud and as gru– as Barry White with a stubbed toe, but heavy-duty gear­box and plen­ti­ful torque al­low for high-gear starts. Jig­gly ride com­pared to VW and Merc, and steer­ing more rub­bery and life­less than a dog’s chewy toy, but rea­son­ably hushed in­side at speed.

Does it ac­tu­ally stack up as a work­horse?

Load bay can han­dle the most weight of the four, at 1155kg, and can tow a braked trailer up to 3500kg. Dou­ble Cab is šine for šive adults, and us­abil­ity points are gained from neat de­tails such as a sun­glasses cubby and (op­tional but cheap) three-pin 230-volt socket.

VER­DICT A prop­erly use­ful tool and great value, but stodgy and crude from be­hind the wheel.

Plenty of gear, with a cooler in the arm­rest

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