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> Choose from four- or iveseat con ig­u­ra­tions. Rear seats of four-seaters can be com­pletely re­moved.

> Wa­ter can get into the lower boot bat­tery com­part­ment due to two seals be­hind the rear bumper de­te­ri­o­rat­ing. Re­quires re­moval of rear bumper and whee­larch lin­ers to ix.

> Front con­trol arms on post-2002 mod­els are hol­low steel and can cor­rode. Some own­ers favour re­place­ment with ear­lier cast-iron units. > Ex­pense of alu­minium repairs can lead to in­sur­ers writ­ing o cars with only mi­nor dam­age.

> En­gines are gen­er­ally tough, but… FSI can suer in­take/ex­haust grem­lins and 88bhp TDI can suer vari­able-vane turbo and in­ter­cooler is­sues.

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