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What do we have here?

The age­ing but still ace Elise in one of its most dis­tilled forms: the 220 Cup re­moves fur­ther ki­los from an al­ready scant kerb­weight, then pushes the Elise back into the tar­mac with a race-de­rived aero kit. Now avail­able in more pow­er­ful Cup 250 and 260 vari­ants, just in case 233bhp per tonne isn’t enough for you.

An a ord­able sports car?

Used to be. These days the Elise is a £40k-plus ma­chine. Namby-pamby op­tions like air-con and a stereo cost ex­tra.

Top-fuel drag­ster or top fun in cor­ners?

Ac­cel­er­ates like it’s hitched to a rocket sled, but the Elise re­ally lives for cor­ners. Wing, split­ter and side skirts (with air­craft-style No Step mark­ings – nice touch) con­trib­ute gen­uine down­force (66kg at 100mph) at speeds where most cars would be gen­er­at­ing lift (or the driver would be jump­ing on the brakes to slow it down).

Quick, but com­fort­able too

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