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AS I men­tioned last month, the Swift was whisked away to Suzuki as they wanted to in­ves­ti­gate my com­plaints about the rat­tling in­te­rior trim and sub-op­ti­mal gear­box feel.

Sec­ond gear, for ex­am­ple, felt par­tic­u­larly un­healthy due to reg­u­lar sharp clicks and crunches, and at least three sep­a­rate in­te­rior knocks were get­ting ir­ri­tat­ing. Just be­fore the Swift’s de­par­ture for in­spec­tion, the rear left door han­dle stuck shut, too, re­quir­ing so much force to open it I feared I’d end up yank­ing the han­dle oŸ en­tirely, In­cred­i­ble Hulk-style.

The gear­lever assem­bly was re­placed, as were both rear door catches. But both were a new, modi£ied type of part added after the £irst 2017 pro­duc­tion run that in­cluded my car, and nei­ther of which have been sub­ject to a re­call from Suzuki UK. Suzuki’s techs also changed the trans­mis­sion oil, recti£ied a creak com­ing from dry front sus­pen­sion rub­ber mounts and se­cured a loose wiring loom be­hind the dash that was the cause of some of the knock­ing.

All is now well, with the Swift back in rude health and no harm done, although it would have been bet­ter if I’d taken it to a dealer as soon as it sounded a bit oŸ, rather than wait­ing un­til Suzuki be­came alarmed by my grum­bling. If you own a 17-plate Swift, I sus­pect it’ll be worth checking in with a dealer if you’re hav­ing sim­i­lar prob­lems, or bring it up at your next sched­uled ser­vice.



Pre­vi­ously as peace­ful as a tool­box in a ce­ment mixer, the Swift is now rattle-free

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