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M4 coupe (F80) 2979cc 24v straight-six, 425bhp, 406lb ft, 4.3sec 0 62mph, 155mph

M3 saloon (E90) 3999cc 32v V8, 414bhp, 295lb ft, 4.9sec 0 62mph, 155mph

Car­bon-ce­ramic brakes were op­tional on the M4. They’re in­cred­i­ble, but hard to …ind on used ex­am­ples

Both mod­els are avail­able with ei­ther man­ual or dual-clutch trans­mis­sions. Man­ual shifts could be slicker, but they’re far from bad. DCT a huge im­prove­ment over pre­vi­ous-gen SMG. Far more V8 sa­loons are man­u­als; far more M4s are DCT – sign of the times…

Com­pe­ti­tion Pack op­tions sharp­ened chas­sis on both. Hens’ teeth for the V8; you’ll need up­wards of £44k for an M4 Com­pe­ti­tion Pack

M3 saloon lost the car­bon…ibre roof of the coupe and gained a lit­tle weight, but feels sim­i­larly great to drive. Un­usu­ally, the four-door also got coupe front-end styling

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