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> M030 op­tion is de­sir­able, with sports sus­pen­sion and LSD. Porsche used to sell the sus­pen­sion sep­a­rately to ex­ist­ing owners, but no longer.

> The IMS bear­ing is the big is­sue. If the bear­ing fails, you’ll need an en­gine re­build, start­ing from £9600. It makes sense to re­place the IMS bear­ing for around £2k rather than gam­ble.

> Ducts in lower front bumper for ra­di­a­tors can get clogged with leaves, which rot and cause ra­di­a­tor dam­age. Con­denser re­place­ment is £1062, ra­di­a­tors £1230, cheaper when done to­gether. So reg­u­larly un­block those ducts.

> 3.6 en­gines can suer from bore scor­ing. The so­lu­tion is to lightly skim and Nikasil-coat the bores be­fore hon­ing to the cor­rect size, then Xy­lan­coat the pis­tons.

> ‘Chunk­ing’ was re­ported in early 3.4s, where chunks came out of the cylin­der bore and oil and wa­ter mixed – with full-en­gine re­build con­se­quences. Few re­ported these days.

> Porsche spe­cial­ists Aut­o­farm charge £300 for a ba­sic ser­vice (oil and …il­ter, pollen …il­ter), or £400 for a ser­vice with more pre­ven­ta­tive main­te­nance. A mi­nor ser­vice is due every year/12k miles, a ma­jor ser­vice every four years.

> Clutch and ‡ly­wheel re­place­ment costs £1248 for OEM parts.

> Front discs and pads are £708 …it­ted for OEM parts. Rears are £612.

> If you need to re­place coŒin arms and tun­ing forks (sus­pen­sion arms), prices start at £264 per coŒin arm in­clud­ing ‡it­ting, while forks are £228 in­clud­ing ‡it­ting. You'll also need to bud­get £252 for ge­om­e­try set up.

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