The car’s place in the fu­ture of mo­bil­ity

Peo­ple won’t trust robo­cars un­til they’ve tried them

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How’s the tech in­volved in au­tonomous driv­ing com­ing along?

It’s mak­ing good progress, with some well-pub­li­cised dis­as­ters en route. But there’s an­other chal­lenge, ac­cord­ing to ro­bot­ics ex­pert Karl Iag­nemma: per­ceived safety. His au­tonomous driv­ing soft­ware com­pany, nuTon­omy, has found that there’s no sub­sti­tute for bums on seats.

What, so you just give peo­ple demo rides?

‘When peo­ple get in our cars they’re ini­tially very ex­cited, but when it starts mov­ing and the steer­ing wheel is turn­ing it­self they’re terriied,’ says Iag­nemma, ‘but in min­utes peo­ple feel com­fort­able. When in­di­vid­u­als ac­tu­ally ex­pe­ri­ence the tech, they get com­fort­able very quickly.’

So ad­van­tage nuTon­omy, then…

Not so. ‘Safety tran­scends com­pe­ti­tion,’ says Iag­nemma. ‘As an in­dus­try we’re highly com­pet­i­tive – the last thing you want to do is en­able a com­peti­tor. But when­ever there’s an ac­ci­dent with an AV it relects back on the whole in­dus­try.’ So they’re shar­ing test data with ri­vals, to help has­ten safer roads.

nuTon­omy is putting in the miles to get vi­tal data – thenshar­ing it

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