Top 10 tips for tools

Fol­low these help­ful tips to get the most from your paper­craft tools

Cardmaking and Papercraft - - Essential Tools -

In­vest in some good stor­age for your tools to help keep them in tip­top con­di­tion. Clear plas­tic boxes with di­viders are al­ways a good op­tion, as you can see straight­away what’s stored where. A cost-ef­fec­tive al­ter­na­tive to a heat­proof mat is an old ce­ramic tile.

Reg­u­larly clean out your die-cut­ting ma­chine to re­move any scraps of pa­per and card or gen­eral de­bris. This will stop it jam­ming up.

In­vest in a cord­less glue gun so you aren’t con­fined to the area next to a socket.

For in­tri­cate or shapely cut­ting de­tail, try us­ing a fin­ger swivel knife in­stead of a stan­dard craft knife.

Tweezer scis­sors are per­fect for fine cut­ting and dé­coupage work with their small 15mm blades and an ad­justable depth for dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als.

Don’t be tempted to sub­sti­tute a heat tool for a hair dryer when heat em­boss­ing – you’ll just scat­ter your pow­der ev­ery­where and make a mess!

Want to try quilling be­fore you buy a spe­cific quilling tool? Use a nee­dle, knit­ting nee­dle or pen­cil as a sim­ple al­ter­na­tive.

Have sep­a­rate pairs of scis­sors for cut­ting card/pa­per and fab­ric/ rib­bon/twine, as cut­ting card and pa­per will blunt the blades more quickly.

Be sure to re­place your pa­per trim­mer blades and craft knife blades ev­ery so of­ten to keep them sharp so you get nice smooth edges.

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