How to make an al­bum

Cardmaking and Papercraft - - Technique -

Cut two 135x170mm pieces and one 150x170mm piece of aqua card. Score and fold both smaller pieces 15mm from one long edge. Score and fold the big­ger piece 15mm from both long edges. The 15mm folds will form the spines of the al­bum. Add tape to the folds on the 150x170mm panel and at­tach to the spines the other pieces at each side to cre­ate the al­bum cover.

Score two pieces of 145x95mm white card 15mm from one long edge and both short edges. Trim di­ag­o­nally where the fold lines cross, then fold scored sec­tions un­der. Glue pat­terned pa­per onto the front of each pocket. Punch a semi-cir­cle from the cen­tre of the top edge. At­tach one pocket to the top cen­tre panel of the al­bum, glue the ABC Col­lectable to the front and place the 'Birth Record' in­side.

At­tach a piece of pat­terned pa­per to the top of the in­side left flap. Die-cut 'Ev­ery baby is a bless­ing' from 12x12 Cherub pa­per with a scal­loped square die, and at­tach to the panel with dou­ble-sided tape. Stick gems to the flowers. Add rab­bit and bird Col­lecta­bles. At­tach a 115x165mm piece of pat­terned pa­per un­der the flap, and glue 'It’s a boy' Col­lectable to the top left and the 'Notes' ban­ner to the bot­tom right.

Cut two 110x160mm pieces of pat­terned pa­per, with a baby and a plane. Layer onto two 115x166mm pieces of white card. At­tach a 240mm length of ging­ham rib­bon cen­trally to the right edge of the front cover and at­tach the baby pa­per. Fold the al­bum so that the 150x170mm panel be­comes the back. At­tach rib­bon cen­trally to the left edge of the back panel and at­tach the plane pa­per over top.

Score 115x298mm of white card into four equal sec­tions along the length. Moun­tain and val­ley fold, and round the cor­ners. At­tach five 110x70mm pieces of pat­terned pa­per with rounded cor­ners to each sec­tion and the front. Add two 240mm lengths of rib­bon to the back, and at­tach to the bot­tom cen­tre of the al­bum. Add 1-4 months Col­lecta­bles to each sec­tion and 'Baby' to front. Tie closed.

At­tach a 110x165mm piece of pat­terned pa­per to the back right panel. Die-cut 'Be lit­tle and dream big' from the 12x12 Cherub pa­per with a scal­loped square die, and at­tach to the cen­tre with dou­ble-sided tape. Glue the 'Tiny and Sweet' to the top right and the rat­tle Col­lectible to the bot­tom left. Add tiny gems above the 'i' on the 'Be lit­tle and dream big'. Fold al­bum closed and tie to­gether to fin­ish.

Die-cut a 'New baby' sen­ti­ment from white card and at­tach cen­trally to the front of the al­bum. At­tach the 'Sweet boy' Col­lectable to the cen­tre right us­ing sticky fix­ers, and add gems to the baby boots. Glue two aero­planes from the Col­lecta­bles to the back and add a 'Dream Big' Col­lectable cen­trally to the top of the panel us­ing sticky fix­ers. Turn your al­bum over and open to the in­side.

Score and fold two 180x115mm pieces of aqua card 15mm from the short edge. At­tach by the tabs in­side left and right of the al­bum. Cover with pat­terned pa­per and add pocket from step four to the panel on the right. Place the post­cards and 're­mem­ber' note in­side. Add baby and bird Col­lecta­bles. At­tach a 115x165mm piece of pat­terned pa­per un­der the panel, cov­er­ing the tab at the top. Add pram.

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