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Cardmaking and Papercraft - - 10 Ideals with... Mirri Card -

1 Em­boss two 30x60mm pieces of white wa­ter­colour card. Scrib­ble two or more colours on your card with Glit­ter Brush pens. I add colour in blocks, so I put one colour at the top right and bot­tom left, then another in the op­po­site corners.

2 Now, take your wa­ter spritzer and add a sub­stan­tial amount of wa­ter. I aim to drench the card, as I want the inks to move and blend to­gether. 3 Ei­ther al­low the ink to set­tle where it is, or tilt the card so the ink flows around and in the em­bossed de­sign.

4 Leave to dry. I love the way the sparkle seems to sit in the lines of the em­bossed de­tail. Try it on both the em­bossed and de-bossed sides.

1 For a crackle ef­fect, start by us­ing the em­bossed side of the card, and ap­ply a layer of the crackle paste. Don’t ap­ply it too thickly as you don’t want to sub­merge your de­sign. 2 Al­low it to dry and the cracks to ap­pear.

3 Blend Dis­tress or Dis­tress Ox­ide Ink over the top. I love this as the crackle paste works so well with the em­bossed de­sign.

1 Be­fore em­boss­ing your card, cover the card in guild­ing wax. I used the lighter colours. Go for com­plete cov­er­age, and then buff to dry, shine and re­move any ex­cess wax. 2 Now, em­boss your card.

3 Use the thick tip of an al­co­hol pen to cover your card with ink. The ink will sink into the wax, but it will also cover the wax and tint the colour. I loved the gold wax with a deep red marker. That looked re­ally im­pres­sive!

1 To achieve this look, wipe one colour of Dis­tress Ox­ide Ink on half of the card, and another colour on the sec­ond half. 2 Spritz the card enough to make the colours blend and move. Heat set or leave to dry.

3 Ap­ply another cou­ple of colours to your craft mat. Spritz with wa­ter to pud­dle the ink, now dip your card in. You aren’t aim­ing for com­plete cov­er­age, just a dab of the colours to layer. Dry and re­peat un­til you are happy with the re­sults.

4 As you can see, on one of my sam­ples I’ve only ap­plied two colours, and on the other I have lay­ered the colours.

1 To achieve this ef­fect, sprin­kle just a lit­tle of the Brusho pow­der. I pick a small amount up on the end of my paint brush, then tap off any ex­cess over the pot, and just add a small sprin­kle onto the card – two or more colours. 2 Spritz with wa­ter.

3 The pig­ments will start to ex­plode with colour. The more wa­ter you add, the more the colour moves and flows. Ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent colours.

1 Ap­ply the gild­ing paste to the em­bossed side of the card with a sponge. You are just aim­ing to touch glue on the em­bossed part of the card.

2 Al­low to dry. It’s quick, and will re­main tacky. Ap­ply the foil to the glue, shiny side up. Rub foil into the ad­he­sive us­ing the back of your nail. 3 Peel off the foil, and drag a Dis­tress Ink Pad over your card. The foil will act as a re­sist. 4 Spritz with wa­ter and al­low to dry. I loved us­ing black ink over my foils. It looks dra­matic.

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