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Carolyne Knott adds a touch of magic to Christ­mas cards with glam­orous gems

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Add a touch of magic to glam­orous cards

Crafters use gems and crys­tals all year round to add a touch of sparkle to their cards and pa­per­craft projects, but when Christ­mas comes around it’s time to re­ally make your cards shine. You can use gems in tra­di­tional Christ­mas colours to em­bel­lish die-cut flow­ers and berries and to dec­o­rate a Christ­mas tree or a stamp with faux fairy lights. Give a fly­ing rein­deer a mag­i­cal trail, sparkling antlers and a coloured nose. Add bling to a back­ground, cre­ate a dra­matic large bauble or add a sim­ple line of baubles hang­ing from a sen­ti­ment. Whether it is a few gems added to a stamped im­age or lots of gems cov­er­ing a com­plete back­ground, they’ll bring plenty of sparkle.

1 Christ­mas lights Crys­tals or gems are ideal for cre­at­ing the impression of lights on a Christ­mas tree. For this card, I used a sin­gle colour and gem size to em­bel­lish a die-cut Christ­mas tree that was lay­ered on a piece of cream card. I used the tree as the card’s top­per, lay­er­ing it onto co­or­di­nat­ing pa­pers to cre­ate a stylish look and fin­ish­ing with a larger gem to top the tree. 2 Back­ground bling At­tach­ing gems to an em­bossed back­ground is a great way to make the back­ground re­ally stand out, es­pe­cially when the back­ground has a geo­met­ric el­e­ment. For this card, I em­bossed blue pa­per and added gild­ing wax to the raised ar­eas then added a gem at the points where the lines in the pat­tern cross. I fin­ished the card with a sim­ple, sea­sonal sen­ti­ment. 3 Gi­ant bauble Use mul­ti­ple gems to cre­ate a large Christ­mas decoration or a bauble. Sim­ply mark or mask a round shape and fill it with gems and at­tach a piece of string or a piece of rib­bon to hang the bauble from. For this card, I cut a cir­cle aper­ture and lay­ered it over the back­ing pa­per be­fore adding lots of clear, pur­ple and li­lac gems ran­domly into the shape. I used the bauble as a top­per by first lay­er­ing it onto a card panel of co­or­di­nat­ing pur­ple and cream pa­pers. I added a sea­sonal sen­ti­ment to fin­ish. 4 Holly berries Gems are great for cre­at­ing the cen­tres of die-cut flow­ers and berries and em­bel­lish­ing fo­liage die-cuts. For this card, I used a clus­ter of gold-coloured gems to cre­ate the cen­tre of a poin­set­tia and red gems to cre­ate the berries on a holly die. I at­tached the holly and poin­set­tia to a die-cut cir­cle, then added some ex­tra white glit­tered fo­liage and a sen­ti­ment to the wreath. 5 Magic dust Coloured gems can be used to bring colours that co­or­di­nate with a back­ing pa­per into a sim­ple mono­chrome im­age. For this card, I cre­ated a sim­ple night time snows­cape in a warm brown colour us­ing a cir­cle mask and a torn piece of pa­per. I used a pine tree stamp for the for­est and stamped a rein­deer into the moon. I then choose pink, clear and li­lac gems that matched the back­ing pa­pers and used them to bring a touch of sparkle and colour to the rein­deer’s antlers, nose, body and the trail of snowflakes. 6 Sus­pended baubles Use larger, sparkling gems to cre­ate the ef­fect of sus­pended baubles from a stamped sen­ti­ment. For this card, I stamped a large sen­ti­ment and used a sil­ver glit­ter gel pen to draw strings and bows at dif­fer­ent lev­els. To th­ese, I at­tached the larger red gems as the baubles hang­ing from the sen­ti­ment.

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