Bonus pa­pers

Get your Christ­mas craft on with An­gela Dod­son six card ideas, made us­ing these vin­tage-in­spired pa­pers and top­pers

Cardmaking and Papercraft - - Contents - by Olivia Linn

An­gela Dod­son cre­ates vin­tage-style fes­tive cards us­ing this is­sue’s bonus pa­pers

3 Joy shaker card

1 Cover a 120mm piece of white card with tree pa­per. Cut a 45x55mm rec­tan­gle from the top right as shown. Insert a shaker pouch or back with ac­etate to form a shaker win­dow. Fill shaker with blue and sil­ver se­quins and beads. Back with the ‘joy’ pat­terned pa­per so the sen­ti­ment can be seen through the win­dow. 2 Layer panel onto a 130mm square of navy card; at­tach to a 148mm white base card. 3 Add a 148x18mm strip of navy pat­terned pa­per to cen­tre of a 148x22mm strip of white card and at­tach to base. Layer a large tree onto navy card, trim­ming as you go, then at­tach to base with sticky fix­ers. Add se­quins.

1 Peace and joy

Layer a 112mm square of rock­ing horse pa­per onto a 125mm square of white card, then a 133mm square of gold mir­ror card. At­tach to a 148mm square white base card. 2 Layer a 35x90mm piece of white card onto gold card, trim­ming it into a pen­nant. At­tach to base us­ing sticky fix­ers. 3 Trim the rock­ing horse sen­ti­ment and layer onto a slightly larger cir­cle die-cut from red card. At­tach to base, as shown, us­ing sticky fix­ers. Add pearls to the cor­ner to fin­ish.

2 Just for you

1 Layer a 90mm square of green pa­per onto a 95mm square of white card, cut in half di­ag­o­nally and at­tach to op­po­site cor­ners of a 148mm Kraft base card. Layer a 128mm square of tex­tured white card onto a 135mm square of red card. At­tach to base. 2 Cut 80x100mm and 95x25mm pieces of bauble pa­per, layer each onto red card and then wrap with red rib­bon. At­tach to base at an an­gle as shown, us­ing sticky fix­ers. Add a rib­bon bow and a snowflake die-cut from white card. 3 Layer two bauble shapes onto green card and trim. At­tach large bauble as a gift tag us­ing twine and smaller bauble to bot­tom cor­ner with sticky fix­ers. Add gems to fin­ish.

4 Merry Christ­mas

1 Cut nine 38mm squares from pat­terned pa­per and layer each onto a 45mm square of white card with scal­loped edges. 2 Ar­range the nine squares onto a 148mm square Kraft base card as shown and at­tach us­ing sticky fix­ers. 3 Trim a 120x20mm piece of white card into a ban­ner; add to base. Layer the sen­ti­ment onto metal­lic green card and at­tach to base us­ing sticky fix­ers. 4 Add green gems as shown, to fin­ish.

5 A Christ­mas wish

1 Cut two 130mm squares of dif­fer­ent pat­terned pa­pers. Cut in half di­ag­o­nally and add the pieces to a 140mm square of metal­lic gold card as shown. At­tach the panel to a 148mm square white base card. 2 Layer the sen­ti­ment onto a larger oval of gold card, and at­tach red pom-pom trim around the edge, se­cur­ing with an­other oval of card at the back. 3 Layer a 35x115mm piece of white card onto gold card, trim­ming into a ban­ner. At­tach ban­ner to base and add the sen­ti­ment panel us­ing sticky fix­ers. 4 Trim a small can­dle and three stars and at­tach to base as shown. Add small pearls to the stars and a large pearl to each cor­ner, to fin­ish.

6 Sea­son’s greetings

1 Layer a 120mm square of green flo­ral pa­per onto a 125mm square of red card and a 140mm square of buff card. Add two lengths of red ri­crac rib­bon as shown. At­tach panel to a 148mm square white base card. 2 Back a small wooden frame or die-cut frame with con­trast­ing bauble pa­per. Add the sen­ti­ment across cen­tre of frame and at­tach to base, as shown. 3 Add a red rib­bon bow and three small flow­ers, to fin­ish.

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