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Cel­e­brate baby’s first Christ­mas with Dorothy Wood’s adorable fes­tive cards for lit­tle ones

Cardmaking and Papercraft - - Contents -

Ideas for baby’s first Christ­mas cards

Christ­mas hugs

1 Score lines on a 140x320mm piece of white card at 40, 80 and 200mm. Fold to cre­ate a step­per base. Cover the front with a 130x116 piece of blue pat­terned pa­per and the step with a 130x38mm piece of flo­ral pa­per. Add a 140x20mm piece of pat­terned pa­per strip across the top. 2 Stamp the image onto white card in grey. Colour us­ing wa­ter­colour pen­cils and blend with a wa­ter­brush. Trim and at­tach to the step as shown. 3 Cut pat­terned pa­per tri­an­gles and ink the edges in blue. At­tach green cord across the top of the base and po­si­tion the tri­an­gles, as shown. Draw ‘1st’ onto white card, colour, trim and at­tach. 4 Stamp a sen­ti­ment and trim. Ink edges in blue, layer onto pur­ple pat­terned pa­per and at­tach to base with sticky fix­ers. Punch white snowflakes and at­tach to base. Add clear glit­ter glue to fin­ish.

Cute as a but­ton

1 At­tach a 100x80mm piece of berry pa­per to the bot­tom of a 105x150mm Kraft base. Add a 105x10mm strip of red pat­terned pa­per across the cen­tre, then wrap green cord along the bot­tom of the strip. 2 Stamp a sen­ti­ment onto green pat­terned pa­per and trim. Layer onto berry pa­per and red pat­terned pa­per, and at­tach as shown. Add a red but­ton. Us­ing the tem­plate on p88, cut out a stock­ing in green pat­terned pa­per and white card. As­sem­ble as shown. 3 Die-cut a head and body from pale pink card, a jacket and hat from red pat­terned pa­per, a fur rim and pom­pom from white card, and a scarf from green pat­terned pa­per. As­sem­ble as shown and at­tach to the top of the stock­ing. 4 Die-cut a red pat­terned pa­per ‘2018’ and at­tach to the stock­ing. Stamp a sen­ti­ment un­der­neath in black as shown. At­tach a green cord loop to the top of hat and at­tach the stock­ing to the base with sticky fix­ers. Ap­ply clear glit­ter glue to the stock­ing and hat to fin­ish.

Rock­ing horse

1 Draw a semi-cir­cle onto a 150x105mm grey pearles­cent base card and cut along the line to cre­ate a rocker base as shown. 2 Die-cut 110mm scal­loped cir­cles from grey star pa­per and grey pearles­cent card. Cut one scal­loped cir­cle in half and at­tach to the bot­tom of the other. Add a 90mm scal­loped cir­cle die-cut from wood-ef­fect pa­per on top and at­tach to the base. 3 Die-cut a rock­ing horse from blue pat­terned pa­per and grey pat­terned pa­per. Trim de­tails from the grey die-cut and add to the blue die-cut as shown. At­tach to a 70mm cir­cle grey pearles­cent card die-cut and add to the cen­tre of the base with sticky fix­ers. 4 Die-cut trees and parcels from blue and grey pat­terned pa­per. Layer and add to the base as shown. Print a sen­ti­ment onto white card, layer onto blue pat­terned pa­per and at­tach to base with sticky fix­ers. Add dashed lines to sen­ti­ment and wood-ef­fect scal­loped cir­cle with a brown fine­line pen to fin­ish.

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