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HOW come the Farm­ers Union of Wales (FUW) state that in­ci­dents of TB in cat­tle have fallen in Eng­land where mas­sive badger culling has taken place and there is ev­i­dence of the op­po­site?

Re­cently, FUW has stated in the Car­marthen Jour­nal, un­der Farm­ing, “Pos­i­tive im­pact of badger culling” and ‘that a pre­vi­ous plan to cull badgers should be re­in­stated’ in Wales.

Why does the FUW in­sist on a larger badger cull when it is proven that it does not give the de­sired re­sult? This is based on Gov­ern­ment claims that badger culling in Som­er­set and Glouces­ter­shire is ‘de­liv­er­ing re­sults’.

How­ever, this has re­cently been dis­puted by over 20 sci­en­tists and vets who claim that the preva­lence of TB in cat­tle is no lower than it was be­fore this in­dus­trial scale of culling 3,656 badgers. They say that “any state­ment made to the con­trary is un­true”. In Som­er­set TB in cat­tle fell to 6.1% be­fore the badger culling and ris­ing to 7.2% af­ter four years of badger culling.

In Glouces­ter­shire TB in cat­tle fell to 6.9% be­fore badger culling and ris­ing to 7.2% af­ter four years of badger culling.“

Fur­ther it should be re­mem­bered that the Ran­domised Badger Culling Trial stated in its over­all con­clu­sion that ‘badger culling can­not mean­ing­fully con­trib­ute to con­trol cat­tle TB in Bri­tain’.

Surely it is very ob­vi­ous even to the FUW and the Farm­ing Min­is­ter in Eng­land that the culling of badgers has not helped to de­crease TB or been a ‘suc­cess’ in cat­tle and the claims are most mis­lead­ing and should be with­drawn.

Michael Shar­ratt

Badger Trust Cymru Whit­land.

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