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How­ever, the lakes can now be re­garded as a bit tricky, es­pe­cially if they shut down, which ev­ery now and again they have a habit of do­ing. With that said, a fish ac­tu­ally showed lit­er­ally five yards out from the bank where the weed just started on top of the shelf. I quickly made up an IQ D rig and us­ing a ball of worms as a hook­bait, flicked it out into the area where the had fish showed. I then went about putting two spombs of chopped worm over the top and when I say it hap­pened quickly, it hap­pened quickly. Af­ter maybe a minute of my rig be­ing in the wa­ter, I was away, with a lovely 24lb scaly mir­ror. With this suc­cess I de­cided to add a kilo of chopped worm to my spod mix to see if this would make a dif­fer­ence to my spot.

Once the rigs were re­freshed and the spot ready for the fi­nal night I re­baited with the chopped worm and de­cided to or­der a take­away and have a so­cial with Rich Shen­ton. We were just about to tuck into a pizza when my mid­dle rod sig­nalled a funny take. I hit into the fish and af­ter a long slow bat­tle I landed what looked to be a de­cent fish. Af­ter get­ting my rod back out onto the spot we dealt with the fish which weighed 34lb – what a re­sult! As far as I was con­cerned this was job done and al­though I went on to catch quite a few more fish through my last night and the next morn­ing, the 34-pounder was with­out a doubt the high­light of the ses­sion.

The fol­low­ing morn­ing my time had come to an end and I’d man­aged 16 fish in the time we were at the venue. That may or may not seem like a lot of fish con­sid­er­ing the stock that the lake holds, how­ever, when you con­sider I fished on a bank hol­i­day with 42 an­glers fish­ing in 42 pegs and only three of us caught, I think that speaks vol­umes. The lake had turned off to a large ex­tent, so to even get a bite was a re­sult. It just goes to show that if you fish sen­si­bly, work your swim and re­main con­fi­dent, you can get bites re­gard­less of the con­di­tions. Lin­ear Fish­eries needs no in­tro­duc­tions but whether you’re af­ter bites, big fish or even both, this venue has it all.

Be lucky, Loz.

ABOVE Sit­ting down for a late night brew with Rich Shen­ton

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