St Ives lad Harry de Roth has been on a tear over­seas. We caught up with him via the medium of the in­ter­net for a catch up.


So looks like you have had a bit of a winter trip … where you been and what you been up to?

Yeah, it’s been su­per sick! I’ve been to Indo, Aus­tralia and Hawaii! This winter my girl­friend Melodie and I de­cided to base our­selves at my dad's house in Phillip Is­land, Aus­tralia. It’s great to see the fam­ily and the waves there are so con­sis­tent and warm there­fore mak­ing the per­fect train­ing ground. Also it makes flights to Indo and Hawaii way cheaper! We came out to Oz at the start of De­cem­ber for Christ­mas and to get some fun waves be­fore we headed over to Indo to start film­ing a clip for Rip Curl. We didn’t quite score the waves we had hoped for but there were still a few fun days in be­tween which made it worth­while.

It was my first time vis­it­ing Indo so I didn’t re­ally know what to ex­pect apart from lots of mon­keys, long left han­ders and lots and lots of nasi goreng. All in all I loved it there and will def­i­nitely be head­ing back there soon. Af­ter that, we headed back to my dad's place for a few days to get some waves, see the old man and re­fresh our­selves be­fore head­ing to Hawaii – the place I was most ex­cited about - hav­ing been there be­fore and know­ing ex­actly what to ex­pect. Hawaii will def­i­nitely be a place I con­tinue to visit as it's one of a kind.

Where was your fave place?

Hawaii for sure, for these many rea­sons: good food (HUGE por­tions), sick waves, clean beaches, lots of sick surfers, big shoreys, in­cred­i­ble sea life, pic­ture per­fect views, crys­tal clear wa­ter and plenty of bar­rels. Last time I went it wasn’t for very long so I feel like this trip I could re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate Hawaii for what it re­ally is: 100 per­cent par­adise. Be­ing there this time, and with such a good group of friends meant that we didn’t miss a beat and had the sick­est time.

Where did you get the best waves?

Hawaii for sure, again! I felt like with the con­sis­tent big­ger waves I was re­ally able to push my­self and get prop­erly used to the big­ger boards that are an es­sen­tial on the North Shore. We surfed ev­ery­where along the 12 mile strip from from Haleiwa to V-land

and ev­ery spot in­be­tween!

My favourite wave was Sun­set, be­cause of it’s big open face walls, it makes it so fun for draw­ing long lines you’d never get to draw at home, and then theres the west bowl sec­tion where you just try and hold on. To­wards the end of the trip Sur­fline pre­dicted us with a late sea­son XL swell which opened up the op­por­tu­nity for me to surf Waimea for the first time. I bor­rowed an 8'2" Bush­man from Sandy Kerr, which was nowhere near big enough ap­par­ently, but I felt it was go­ing to work bet­ter than a 6'8" – the big­gest board left in my quiver by this point in the trip. It was def­i­nitely scary but a great ex­pe­ri­ence, ev­ery wave I just held on un­til I was safe in the chan­nel.

Who have you been trav­el­ling with how has that worked out?

My girl­friend Melodie, film­maker and long time friend Greg, two of my best mates Dan and Jack. Also gave my mum a trip to Bali for her birth­day and Greg's girl­friend who met us in Hawaii. Ob­vi­ously with a group of friends trav­el­ling to­gether for that amount of time meant it had its ups and downs but there were plenty more ups than downs haha! It was good trav­el­ling with other friends who froth on surf­ing as much as I do. I think it also helps be­ing with friends when in waves of con­se­quence be­cause you just stay re­laxed and laugh about it in­stead. It was sick to have Greg there with his cam­era to cap­ture all the best mo­ments. I’m stoked they all came and were part of team ‘Good Vibes’ haha!

Is this your first big trip away?

This was by far the long­est trip I’ve done. There were home­sick times but you’re al­ways do­ing some­thing fun when ex­plor­ing the world which can take your mind off it!

Any­thing gnarly hap­pen?

My Mum and Melodie driv­ing mopeds, that was pretty gnarly! I might be the only one that thinks this is gnarly but Taj Bur­row per­son­ally said I had a sick wave one day at Sun­set, I was stoked. (Yeah that counts! - Ed) Oh yeah and in Hawaii about half way through our time there we had a mas­sive storm and in one night they had the most rain they’ve had in 11 years so as you can imag­ine ev­ery­where was flooded. The road was about waist to chest deep in the dips which meant Jamie O’brien got his Catch surf board out and did tow surf­ing down the Kame­hameha High­way, that was def­i­nitely gnarly ha ha!

What was the best piece of surf­ing you saw while you were away - who, when, where and why ?

Prob­a­bly Mikey Bruneau at Pipe. He just knows ex­actly where to sit ev­ery time and gets about 20 of the waves that ev­ery­one dreams of just get­ting one of! Ev­ery wave you kinda go “Nah he’s way too deep” or way too late but he makes the drop, gets com­pletely pit­ted and fully spat out. Mind blow­ing!

What are your plans now for the rest of the year? As a young high pro­file surfer, what ranks high­est: comps or video/ build­ing a so­cial me­dia pres­ence?

Well I’m back in Aus­tralia now with Melodie and my fam­ily, just hang­ing out hav­ing some good times, play­ing a lot of tennis and try­ing to im­prove my surf­ing for any con­tests this sum­mer. I reckon nowa­days you need to have a healthy mix of good re­sults and a good fol­low­ing on so­cial me­dia so this year my I will be try­ing to get my­self some of both of those things!

I know I’m def­i­nitely go­ing to do some of the UK tour events just to keep in the com­pe­ti­tion mind­set and I’ll def­i­nitely do the Boardmasters at Fis­tral and kind of just see how it goes. If I make a cou­ple of rounds then I’ll prob­a­bly try and find some bud­get to go and do a few more through­out Europe. How­ever as it stands I mainly see this year as me just re­ally try­ing to find some con­fi­dence in my surf­ing, con­sol­i­dat­ing ev­ery­thing I’ve learnt this winter and get­ting some re­ally good boards un­der my feet in the hope of next year fo­cus­ing 100 per­cent on the QS se­ries and get­ting my­self a rank­ing on the WSL. I’ve got a few trips in the mak­ing for Septem­ber on­wards as well so I’m just re­ally play­ing it by ear ha ha. Oh and also a cou­ple of busi­ness things I’m try­ing to set-up in St.ives! It’ll be a busy year no mat­ter what that’s for sure! I just want to say a mas­sive thanks to ev­ery­one that made this winter trip pos­si­ble, es­pe­cially my two main spon­sors Rip Curl and Fis­tral Beach, my godfather Nog and to Greg for film­ing ev­ery­thing. Le­gends! Keep an eye out for the clip to drop very soon and for more shots @har­ry­deroth on In­sta.

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