If you're vaguely aware of the movers and shak­ers in the Bri­tish comp scene then you'll know that the Bude mas­sive are punch­ing above their weight.

Ithink it is fair to say that right now Bude is pro­duc­ing more cham­pi­ons than any other area in the UK. It's funny how you get hot beds of ta­lent, lit­tle pock­ets of hot­house ef­fects where lo­cal kids get good com­pet­ing against each other in the wa­ter. In past times Porth­cawl, Swansea, Croyde, St Agnes and New­cas­tle have all had their mo­ments, and of course Newquay has dom­i­nated many eras in terms of num­bers and ti­tles.

In the last year nowhere has the strength and depth across as many mens, wom­ens and youth di­vi­sions as Bude. From mul­ti­ple English and Bri­tish ti­tles, UK Pro surf tour ti­tles to im­pres­sive in­ter­na­tional per­for­mances Bude's surfers are on a march. They are a cool crew to hang to with too. Steve Eng­land thought he'd bet­ter find out what was go­ing on...

So what's hap­pen­ing? Bude seems to pro­duc­ing cham­pi­ons and fi­nal­ists at its high­est rate in his­tory. What do you put it down to?

Good waves and at­ti­tudes. When we are in the wa­ter to­gether we are all hav­ing fun shar­ing waves, hoot­ing and push­ing each other to go big­ger. I feel from a good solid el­der group keep­ing kids in check and mak­ing them as­pire to be good in and out of the wa­ter. When it comes to comps the new crop can gain con­fi­dence from past Euro­pean cham­pi­ons like Mike Raven and Reubyn. Each surf­ing ahead of their time with fluid tech­nique and style. – Joss Ash

Bude's surf scene is as friendly as a place could be from the old le­gends down to the froth­ing groms, there is no bound­ary. Aside from surf­ing we ac­tu­ally all hang­out and are re­ally good friends so we can push each other. Ev­ery­one wants the best for each other and ev­ery­one is will to help and sup­port one an­other! – Miles Lee-har­g­reaves

I don’t re­ally know, it’s hard to pin­point one ex­act as­pect that’s push­ing us above the rest and each of us have prob­a­bly been af­fected by dif­fer­ent things in dif­fer­ent ways so I can only re­ally speak from my own ex­pe­ri­ences.

I think it’s re­ally just a cul­mi­na­tion of many things all com­ing to­gether though. Reubs and Joss, (Reubs be­ing the most suc­cess­ful and ta­lented Brit since Russ Win­ter) have cer­tainly in­spired all of the up­com­ing gen­er­a­tions. I’ve def­i­nitely nabbed as­pects of Joss’s style for my carves and Liam Turner has prob­a­bly been in­flu­enced by Reubyn’s air game in one way or an­other. So they’re both key to the suc­cess of all us younger ones. I think the close­ness of the com­mu­nity makes a big dif­fer­ence too. Bude is ob­vi­ously pretty small and our surf­ing com­mu­nity even smaller, so we all spend a lot of time in the wa­ter to­gether which def­i­nitely pushes us all. I used to surf ev­ery day with Liam when we were groms, he pushed my surf­ing prob­a­bly more than any­one. Add Miles to the mix in our early teens and we were just a ball of froth­ing groms try­ing to out do each other at ev­ery op­por­tu­nity. – Jobe Har­riss

I think it's down to the level of in­spi­ra­tion that we have from older surfers. I've al­ways looked up to Reubyn, Joss, Jobe, Miles, who have al­ways pushed the level of UK and Euro­pean surf­ing. So by hav­ing surfers of such a high stan­dard, you've got some­where to aim!– Emily Cur­rie

I think ev­ery­body from Bude does so well be­cause there's al­ways peo­ple push­ing you! There's con­stantly more kids com­ing up get­ting bet­ter and bet­ter mak­ing you want to get bet­ter and then there's fig­ures like Reubyn and Jobe which your aim­ing to be as good as so there's a con­stant goal I sup­pose.– Kit Innes

Bude is such a cool place to live, we as brothers have been very lucky to get in the wa­ter from when we started to surf with some re­ally good surfers like Reubyn and Joss, Jobe Har­ris and Miles. We were lucky to have Mike Raven in Bude as well. He trained a lot of us and I think that is what has started the good surfers in Bude. – Stan & Ber­tie

I think it's just be­cause we have a bet­ter va­ri­ety of waves up here and there's not that much to do round here other than surf, so maybe it's the lack of dis­trac­tions that has some­thing to do with it.– Liam Turner

I would say there are a lot of good surfers around the Bude area that are at a high level that a lot of peo­ple haven't heard of which is re­ally good for the up and com­ing kids to watch and learn from. Also there's a lot of peo­ple that are win­ning who are surf­ing to­gether most of the time. When there's a good bank some­where there's al­ways good ses­sions go­ing down and peo­ple are rip­ping. I think that's good for any one in the line up to be in­spired by.– Reubyn Ash

I think all of Bude's surfers are su­per keen and en­cour­ag­ing each other to do well. – El­lie Turner

Do you all surf to­gether at the same breaks? Do you think that is what is push­ing you on?

Yeah for sure, when the waves get big on the points we all feed off each other's waves and in the smaller stuff on the beaches we have fun and don't take it too se­ri­ously. This gen­er­ally helps get the best out of our surf­ing. We are lucky to live in a place where we can ac­cess a whole va­ri­ety of waves. – Joss Ash

Yes, we all surf the same spots. If there is a good bank there will be all the crew on it! And if the other spots are work­ing ev­ery­one is there. So you want to surf your best and ev­ery­one will be push­ing each other no mat­ter what. It's al­ways like a com­pe­ti­tion in the wa­ter. – Miles Lee-har­g­reaves

Our lo­cal point, de­spite it’s flaws, has also been a mas­sive part in shap­ing our surf­ing into what it is. It’s ar­guably one of the most con­sis­tent, qual­ity point breaks in the coun­try. It de­mands a style of surf­ing which I guess isn’t typ­i­cal to the rest of the UK and dif­fer­en­ti­ates our surf­ing from ev­ery­one else’s. All of us spend so much time there and I with­out doubt would not be where I am with­out it. – Jobe Har­riss

Bude's small, al­though we have lots of beaches, so you quite of­ten bump into each other and end up surf­ing to­gether. If I see the guys, I'll ask them where they are surf­ing, be­cause they know best! Ha ha. I've al­ways be­lieved by surf­ing with oth­ers that are bet­ter, it will im­prove you, so I think it's def­i­nitely down to that! – Emily Cur­rie

We don't re­ally all plan to surf to­gether but most of the time we end up surf­ing the same banks to­gether any­way! It's so good be­cause there's al­ways some­one who's keen to surf with you. – Kit Innes

Surf­ing with bet­ter surfers teaches us loads and you want to try out more new moves. – Stan & Ber­tie

Yeah It de­pends on the banks to be hon­est when there's one good one in town ev­ery­one ends up surf­ing to­gether but it's safe to say El­lie and Jobe surf Crook­lets the most. I tend to crowd dodge quite a lot. – Liam Turner

We of­ten all surf the same breaks which could make us com­pet­i­tive ... ha ha. – El­lie Turner

Do you all feel part of the Bude com­mu­nity trav­el­ling away to comps, or are you in­di­vid­u­als who hap­pen to be from the same re­gion?

Yeah we are all friends fun­da­men­tally but all do our own thing re­spec­tively. I like to feel we all are stoked when one or all of us do well com­pet­ing and I gen­er­ally be­lieve that this is the case. We all want to win in an ef­fort to fund our life­styles but we have mu­tual re­spect and en­joy sup­port­ing and hoot­ing each other on. It makes the whole com­pet­ing thing more en­joy­able. – Joss Ash

We are a full crew, we all share lifts to­gether and park next to each other at the events and all hang­out to­gether, amp each other up for heats and lis­ten to mu­sic! – Miles Lee-har­g­reaves

Yeah, we’re for sure a solid lit­tle group at comps. It’s only re­cently I’ve started notic­ing it but all of us get on su­per well. We just in­vade whomev­ers van has the most killer park­ing spot and set up camp for the week­end. None of us clash heads even if we’re in heats to­gether. We all know when we want to get in our zones and fo­cus for the up­com­ing heat, so it works well. I’m def­i­nitely of the vibe that the only peo­ple in the coun­try I don’t mind los­ing to are the boys from home, which means we never re­ally end up with any bad blood. – Jobe Har­riss

Yeah def­i­nitely, ev­ery­one's friendly, and al­though you're down there for an in­di­vid­ual rea­son, ev­ery­one is very sup­port­ive. Over the years I've al­ways got ad­vice from them, on where to go, where to sit, etc, which I'm so grate­ful for. – Emily Cur­rie

Trav­el­ling to con­tests lot's of us do all travel and stay to­gether. I think this helps all of us es­pe­cially at Pro Ju­niors be­cause it makes you kinda for­get where you are and it just takes your mind off any nerves you might have. Also see­ing your mates mak­ing rounds pushes you to want to go fur­ther in the con­test. – Kit Innes

We re­ally feel part of Bude when we are at comps, Jobe and all the oth­ers al­ways give us ad­vice and ask how we are get­ting on when ev­ery­one is there. And there are lot of us. – Stan & Ber­tie

I think its a bit of both. We all get on re­ally well and surf to­gether when the waves are good. It's prob­a­bly more no­tice­able at surf comps as ev­ery­one al­ways to­gether watch­ing each oth­ers heats. – Liam Turner

Yeah its great to see the level of ta­lent com­ing out of Bude these days and most of us are root­ing for each other at comps and we are all good friends. – Reubyn Ash

So cur­rently there are about nine of you all plac­ing in your age/ cat­e­gories, are there any other young stand outs you see com­ing through?

There is a whole new bunch of kids com­ing along, too many to men­tion. I'm still wait­ing for that kid to come out of the blocks with new ideas at ap­proach­ing waves. I'm su­per proud of the surfers in my area and feel that

this move­ment will only get stronger and a force to be reck­oned with on the in­ter­na­tional stage in the fu­ture. – Joss Ash

Yeah there are loads of lit­tle groms in the Board­rid­ers club who are rip­ping which is great to see! Also aside from all the guys that com­pete all of our friends rip! There are so many good surfers from Bude that no one even knows about, it's crazy! – Miles Lee-har­g­reaves

It’s hard to pick out any­one com­ing through in the next crop be­low Stan and Ber­tie as they’re su­per young and the next top shred­der might not have even started surf­ing yet. There does tend to be an age gap be­tween each of us so I ex­pect the next one com­ing through will show their face ei­ther this sum­mer or the next for sure. – Jobe Har­riss

I think Bude will con­tinue to pro­duce good young surfers, be­cause of the level we have now. It's some­thing for all the young­sters to look up to, like I had! I think there is def­i­nitely a few con­tenders, with that a lot of the par­ents of young groms are big surfers, and there’s lot of re­ally young ones in Bude Waverid­ers. I think Bude Waverid­ers will do won­ders for them com­ing through, as there is a solid foun­da­tion for them to learn and progress, es­pe­cially when you've got the likes of Jobe coach­ing them! There is def­i­nitely a lot of po­ten­tial in Bude! – Emily Cur­rie

Hon­estly I think there's so many younger kids com­ing up ev­ery year I see more and more kids surf­ing! The fu­ture of surf­ing in Bude is gonna be crazy can't wait to see these kids at when they get to my age. – Kit Innes

JOSS ASH Age: 35

Best re­sults over the past 18 months:

English and Bri­tish se­nior cham­pion, fin­ished in the top thre e of the Bri­tish tour last year, Reubyn and Jobe be­ing the two surfers above me, English squad se­lect.

Home beach in Bude: Wide­mouth Bay.


I've had a cou­ple of 2nds on the UK Pro Surf Tour, Sea Ses­sions cham­pion 2015, 2016.


Best re­sults: 2nd Rip Curl In­ter­na­tional Grom Search, 4th ISA World Ju­niors, 2nd Ca­parica Pro Ju­nior, 2nd Espinho Pro Ju­nior.

Home beach: Crook­lets

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