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Carve - - INTRODUCTION - Sharpy Ed­i­tor

Been a funny old week here at Carve's pala­tial down­town Newquay pent­house bunker.

On the Mon­day I in­ter­viewed one of the key, leg­endary even, guys in surf­ing's time­line, Si­mon An­der­son, the chap who gave us the thruster. And the fol­low­ing Sun­day I was sat down with the cur­rent world num­ber one, who we know as Mr Smith.

Now Jordy is tall, even when sit­ting down he tow­ers over me. But the af­fa­ble Saffa has grown into his own skin over the years and the witty but shy kid is now as con­fi­dent, care­free and full of smiles as you'd ex­pect the cur­rent best surfer in the world to be. Si­mon An­der­son equally is a funny old bug­ger and warms to in­ter­view ques­tions that tickle his shaper's mind.

It was odd be­cause I in­ter­viewed South African Jordy in North Wales and Aus­tralian Si­mon in the Wal­ters shap­ing joint at Wheal Kitty in Ag­gie. So surf­ing's big­gest and bright­est have been grac­ing the UK'S damp shores re­cently. Which is nice.

One point that couldn't be avoided in ei­ther con­ver­sa­tion was wave pools. And you'll see the vibe in the ar­ti­cles deeper in the mag but the take­away is the same: they're here, they're hap­pen­ing and you can have a blast in a fresh­wa­ter lake or never darken their doors.

Hav­ing spent a week in Wales work­ing on a cou­ple of shoots one thing is ap­par­ent from all the reg­u­lar pun­ters lay­ing out hard earned cash for their brown waves: the stoke is the same. Surf­ing is surf­ing whether you're do­ing it in the shadow of the sub­lime Welsh slate moun­tains, the stout gran­ite of Cornwall or any­where else you choose to feel the slide. Hell even in a river in Mu­nich. The rush, the buzz, the good times chem­i­cals flood­ing your sys­tem are the same.

You. Are. Hav­ing. Fun.

Which is the whole point surely?

If surf­ing isn't fun then what the hell are we all do­ing here?

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