CHUM LEE Di­men­sions: 5’7” X 21” X 2 7/16”

Vol­ume: 32.8ltr

Fins: 5 fin setup- tri/quad Shaper: Dann Mann In 2009, when Dann Mann first stepped be­yond the Fish de­sign for a grov­eller, he started with the Sweet Potato and then moved to the Baked Potato. As fun as su­per short boards are with the right fins and vol­ume, he found the Chum Lee filled a key slot in his quiver. The Chum Lee should be rid­den a bit longer so Dan for ex­am­ple rides a Chum Lee that’s 2”- 3” longer than his Baked Potato. The added rocker and round tail com­bined with less width make it su­per ver­sa­tile and al­low for a seam­less transition back to a performance short­board when the waves are go­ing off.

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