Tarot helped me lose 2 stone!

I just had to lose weight, but how? Kim Arnold, 56, from Can­ter­bury, Kent

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Stepping on the scales, I took a deep breath and looked down. And I gri­maced at the num­ber look­ing back at me. 13st! I’d never been so heavy. ‘That’s it, I’m go­ing on a diet,’ I thought. ‘I’m fed up of be­ing fat.’

I was a size 16 to 18, but rarely got on the scales be­cause it was too up­set­ting.

Even my hus­band Martin, 56, didn’t know my weight.

I’d been yo-yo di­et­ing for 20 years.

Los­ing a bit, but pil­ing it back on and more.

Had to change

I was an emo­tional eater. Pick­ing at what­ever I could get my hands on when­ever I was up­set or bored.

Plus I worked at home as a tarot reader, and I could never stop my­self pop­ping into the kitchen for a cup of tea and a packet of crisps or a bis­cuit. I had to change, but how? But that night I went to bed think­ing about how I was go­ing to slim and keep the weight off this time.

It was the last thought on my mind be­fore fall­ing asleep.

In the morn­ing, I jumped out of bed. I’d had a dream with a clear mes­sage and I couldn’t wait to scrib­ble it down.

Tarot dream

I’d seen my hands shuf­fling a pack of huge tarot cards. Usu­ally, a pack has 22 Ma­jor Ar­cana and 40 Mi­nor Ar­cana cards, but in the dream I took out the Ma­jor Ar­cana cards. I was left with the Mi­nor cards, made up of the four suits of Pen­ta­cles, Swords, Wands and Cups.

I re­alised the four suits rep­re­sent an el­e­ment and have

I rarely got on the scales be­cause it was too up­set­ting

a con­nec­tion to food. Fire is hot food like a chilli, wa­ter food from the sea and so on. It had to be a sign. My hand couldn’t write it all down fast enough.


I was ex­cited, I’d been given the se­cret of how the tarot could help you lose weight.

I dug out my notes from a cook­ery course I’d been on 20 years ago.

I tweaked recipes to make them health­ier, for ex­am­ple, re­plac­ing cream with crème fraîche.

It was then that the cards came into play.

Ev­ery night I’d ask, What does my body need to­mor­row emo­tion­ally and phys­i­cally?

I’d shuf­fle the 40 cards and pull out one tarot for the fol­low­ing day.

The card would dic­tate what my body needed: Fire, Air, Earth or Wa­ter foods.

Card play

The first time I pulled out a card it was the Five of Cups, a wa­ter food, so I needed to eat fish and salad the fol­low­ing day.

The next day was the Six of Wands, which is a fire food, so I had a bowl of chilli for din­ner. I stuck to the tarot’s guid­ance and pulled out a card ev­ery evening. I lost 8lb in two weeks! I was stunned be­cause it’d been easy. I’d never been hun­gry or tempted to cheat, and if I wanted to snack, I ate nuts or rice cakes with peanut but­ter. I found the cards sup­ported me emo­tion­ally be­cause they pro­vided a daily fo­cus. It was just like hav­ing a good friend giv­ing me a con­stant re­minder of my strengths and weak­nesses.

Diet test

Af­ter a month, I’d lost 12lb. It did slow down af­ter that and I lost 1lb a week or main­tained, which was fine. It’s bet­ter to lose the weight steadily be­cause it stays off.

Of course, I wanted to test my tarot diet plan on other peo­ple, and six friends vol­un­teered.

Two of my guinea pigs were Cathi and He­len. Cathi lost 12lb and He­len 16lb in four weeks. In to­tal, the group of six lost 64lb. Af­ter a year, I’ve lost 2st my­self and dropped to a size 14 to 16. I feel 10 years younger. More im­por­tantly, I’m in con­trol of my food choices.

I’ve also found bal­ance to my life and it’s all thanks to the tarot.

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