I’ve died over 1,000 times!

I know I’ve died thou­sands of times

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Star­ing down, I saw my­self ly­ing in bed. Whatõs hap­pen­ing? I pan­icked, float­ing above my body. It was 1987 and I was 22.

I’d had two sim­i­lar ex­pe­ri­ences be­fore, as­sumed they were dreams.

Only this time, as I’d slept, I’d felt my spirit cat­a­pulted from my body.


Then sud­denly, a force sucked me back into my phys­i­cal self.

I woke ex­hausted, heart pound­ing, headache.

I’d never been spir­i­tual, but it felt real. Months later, it hap­pened again. This time, my spirit was guided up a spi­ral stair­case into bright light. The next time, I met my fa­ther. ‘Dad,’ I cried, a feel­ing of love cours­ing through me. ‘Learn to do as you’re told,’ Dad said be­fore I was pulled back.

I’m cross­ing

over, I re­alised – my dad had died in 1982. Ter­ror struck. Had I some­how es­caped death? ‘I think it’s my time to die,’ I sobbed to my friend, Su­san.

‘No. You’re hav­ing an outof-body ex­pe­ri­ence,’ she said.

Her words soothed me, but about five times a year, my heart would stop as I slept.

I’d be yanked from my body into the spirit world.


In 1989, I was rushed to hos­pi­tal af­ter hav­ing an episode while eight months preg­nant. In A&E, I flat-lined. Doc­tors jump-started my heart, but I couldn’t feel the baby mov­ing. ‘We need to in­duce you,’ the spe­cial­ist said. Thank­fully, Oliver ar­rived safe and sound. But af­ter my sec­ond son, West­ley, in 1991, the episodes be­came more fre­quent. Medics were baf­fled. I had brain scans for tu­mours, end­less tests. Trau­ma­tised, I spent hours re­search­ing, met psy­chics and clair­voy­ants. Even­tu­ally, I be­gan to meet peo­ple who’d had sim­i­lar ex­pe­ri­ences. ‘It’s such a re­lief,’ I gasped. Spir­i­tual ex­perts


I re­alised I was ac­tu­ally phys­i­cally dy­ing in my sleep.

‘They’re ac­tual death ex­pe­ri­ences,’ I told a doc­tor.

Dur­ing th­ese ADES I’d have pre­mo­ni­tions, visit loved ones, chat to all sorts. Cary Grant, Walt Dis­ney. Now, I have four a month. It’s de­bil­i­tat­ing, trau­matic. I can be bed-rid­den for days.

Oliver, 27, and West­ley, 25, care for me when I’m ill.

I’m on meds to reg­u­late my heart­beat, help me sleep. I’m the only known Bri­tish per­son be­ing treated for chronic ADES.

Over 30 years, I’ve died thou­sands of times.

But I’m blessed, I was cho­sen to visit the Af­ter­life.

And I know it’s full of love.

I’d be yanked from my body into the spirit I crossed over and met my dad Iwas in my 20s when it b be­gan

thought I was hav­ing neardeath ex­pe­ri­ences.

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