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W hy can’t I seem to meet a good man to marry? Cather­ine, 28, Por­tishead

Amer­i­can dream

My name is Rosalie and it’s 1830 in Kansas. I’m a nymph du prairie – a fallen an­gel. Some call me a lady of the night, oth­ers use nas­tier names.

Grow­ing up, I lived with Momma and Poppa on a dirt ranch with a lit­tle shack, but we had a picket fence and flow­ers. We lived the Amer­i­can dream.

Girls like me

It’s a hot, dusty day. I’m dream­ing of a good man, chil­dren, a home, no-one on my back, or any other part of me. Sorry, but a girl has to keep a sense of hu­mour! I al­ways thought that’s the way it’d be, but Poppa died when I was 18, Momma lost the house. So I kept Mum the only way I could – in the sa­loon, pleas­ing cow­boys. I prayed one would take me away from it all, but it never hap­pened. No-one wants to marry girls like me!

I’m all alone

Momma died and I’m get­ting older, so soon no-one will want me. I cry for those kids I never had. I could have made them and a man happy if I’d had a chance. When I die, I’m alone – I knew it’d end this way.

Jenny says:

When I read ‘meet a good man to marry’, as op­posed to a man to love, I had a feel­ing there was a past life rea­son be­hind Cather­ine’s ap­par­ent lack of suit­ors. She tries too hard, and each man she meets is a pos­si­ble path to the dream she still has.

Cather­ine says: I don’t like it, but Jenny’s right. I felt Rosalie’s des­per­a­tion, and see it in me to­day. I’ll try and take a step back and have some fun. I’ve learnt from Rosalie that mar­riage isn’t the be all and end all, what I need is love.

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