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Dear Michelle S ince my mum died, I found out I have a sis­ter. Mum’s will re­vealed that she’d been forced to give her up, as she was 14 when she gave birth. Mum was never able to tell any­one as it’d been beaten into her that it was shame­ful. Should I try to find her? Ni­cola, 65, Basil­don Dear Ni­cola I am us­ing the The An­gel Game Or­a­cle for in­tu­ition. The cards turned up were: Com­pas­sion: the en­ergy of com­pas­sion is up­lift­ing Heal­ing: Look in­side and bless your­self with this love pa­tience: You al­ways have the ex­act tools you need Your mum’s watch­ing over you as you deal with this news. She knows you may feel shocked, and per­haps a lit­tle sad that in life she didn’t feel able to tell you her­self. Feel com­pas­sion for your mum, not pity. Put your­self in her shoes, at such a young age and when at­ti­tudes were so different. Un­der­stand­ing her sit­u­a­tion back then will up­lift you and en­able you to heal. The an­gels are sur­round­ing you and fill­ing you with heal­ing en­ergy. Wear or carry some­thing pink to chan­nel this power into pos­i­tive ac­tion. Only when you feel calm, should you de­cide whether to seek out your sis­ter. You have the tools of de­ter­mi­na­tion and per­sis­tence, so tem­per them with pa­tience and ac­cept that it will take time to find her – if that is what you de­cide to do. Trust in the an­gels, and in the truth in your heart.

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