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Isaw psy­chic medium Char­lotte Cody in 2015 when I felt lost in life and love.

Within five min­utes, Char­lotte said I was a leader, a jack-of-all-trades, and that I had lots of cre­ative ideas. She was right!

Char­lotte then said that though I’d been be­trayed by a dark-haired woman – my ex – my wounds would heal in time.

She saw me on stage and on TV, and soon after I was blessed with both roles.

She also no­ticed the pres­ence of my late grand­fa­ther, try­ing to help my mum, who’d just lost her mother. Char­lotte said I was act­ing as a con­duit for my grand­fa­ther, help­ing him pass on love. Ross Foad, 29, Kingston

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