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If you passed this man in the street, you prob­a­bly wouldn’t look twice. His face isn’t very hand­some and is no­table for rather bushy eye­brows, wide eyes and lips and thin­ning hair.

Yet he ob­vi­ously has some­thing about him as over the past decade or so, more than 2,000 peo­ple have seen him in their dreams.


It started in 2006 when a psy­chi­a­trist in New York sketched the face of a male who’d been pop­ping up in her dreams, giv­ing ad­vice.

One of her pa­tients no­ticed the draw­ing and was amazed, as the bloke had ap­peared in his dreams as well.

In­trigued, the doc­tor for­warded the sketch to her col­leagues and asked them to check if their pa­tients had seen the sub­ject of the pic­ture in their slum­ber, too. Within months, four of them had said he’d ap­peared when they were asleep. They also all re­ferred to him as ‘this man’.


Since then, a web­site’s been set up ded­i­cated to the man. Peo­ple from all over the world, in­clud­ing In­dia, Bul­garia and Canada have logged on to say they recog­nise him, too. There’s no link be­tween the peo­ple who’ve posted and the theme of their dreams has ranged from him giv­ing ad­vice, to be­ing a ro­man­tic pres­ence or a harm­ful vil­lain. One woman said the man showed her a pic­ture to ask if it was her fa­ther, while another dreamt of him back when she was at school – he slit her throat.

A hoax?

There are sev­eral the­o­ries about why Mr Bushy Eye­brows has ap­peared in so many dreams.

Some say he’s the im­age of the Cre­ator, while oth­ers sug­gest he’s a real per­son who uses su­per psy­cho­log­i­cal skills to en­ter peo­ple’s dreams at will.

Another sug­ges­tion is that he’s the ar­che­typal im­age be­long­ing to the col­lec­tive un­con­scious. The real truth may be linked to the cre­ator of www.this­ – an Ital­ian so­ci­ol­o­gist and mar­ket­ing strate­gist called An­drea Natella. Did he in­vent the story as part of an elab­o­rate hoax, per­haps to demon­strate the power of sug­ges­tion? Well, the truth has yet to be re­vealed…

Dear Roi de Lune

Idreamt I was go­ing to the top of the Em­pire State build­ing to light the World Light. It was sim­i­lar to a mas­sive Aztec pyra­mid with houses dot­ted all over it, but it was so high up, it made me feel sick. I couldn’t do it. Naomi, 39, Lon­don

Dear Naomi

You have many lofty and won­der­ful ideas, but the trou­ble is you’re feel­ing some­what over­whelmed by them all. You fear that these will end in fail­ure. Try go­ing at them one by one, that way they won’t seem so in­tim­i­dat­ing!

He’s ev­ery­where: Who is he? This man: Pops up!

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