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Chat It's Fate - - Psychic Advice - Dear Jenny Katie, 28, Worces­ter­shire

I thought Se­bas­tian loved me

A fter a bad marriage where my hus­band never showed love, I’ve met a lovely, new man. But how can I be sure that if I re­ally let my­self love, I will al­ways be loved back?

Spoilt lit­tle rich kid

It’s Lon­don in the 1800s and my name is Nan. I’m a gov­erness to a boy from a wealthy fam­ily, Se­bas­tian. His par­ents treat him like he was made of porce­lain and he’s given ev­ery­thing he ever asks for. My charge loves me though.

Special bond

I am now in my 30s and Se­bas­tian’s 12. We’re still close, he still asks for me to put him to bed and stay un­til he sleeps. I’ll never

At­ti­tude change

I’ve tried to teach Se­bas­tian to show re­spect for ev­ery­one, but he feels that poorer peo­ple are be­neath him. I chas­tise him fre­quently, but Se­bas­tian com­plained to his fa­ther and I’m dis­missed! I’m not afraid, Se­bas­tian loves me. He will not let harm come to me.

Alone for­ever

I’m alone and ready to leave this life. Five years ago, Se­bas­tian watched while I was driven from the house. He said, ‘Fool­ish woman, don’t love so eas­ily, for no-one ever has or ever will love you!’.

Jenny says: Poor Nan, poor Katie. No won­der she has a feel­ing that no-one can ever love her. Her les­son, though, is that she must learn to re­spect her­self. If she does this, then she will be­come more con­fi­dent in love.

Katie says: I can see now where all my self-doubt comes from. I’m go­ing to stop let­ting my past ruin my present. It will be hard to learn to trust, but if I can first trust my own judge­ment, I think I can do it!

have my own fam­ily but I’m con­tent and know that this is my home and my life.

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