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One sum­mer’s day two years ago, I was out­side, do­ing a spot of gar­den­ing. The peo­ple who owned the flat above me were mak­ing a right racket, drilling and bang­ing.

De­spite the noise, I was en­joy­ing my­self.

How­ever, after an hour, I gave up as my back was hurt­ing, and sat down un­der a win­dow. I’ll just shut my eyes for

a few min­utes, I thought. Who knows how long I’d been asleep when sud­denly a loud voice ur­gently shouted, ‘Get up, get up!’. I quickly leapt up like a scalded cat, and thank God I did. A split second later, a large ham­mer drill came hurtling down from three storeys above. The drill hit my seat with such force

that it shot straight back up into the air and landed on the ground. I started shak­ing like a leaf when I re­alised that if I’d still been asleep, the drill would have caused me a ter­ri­ble in­jury, if not killed me. It took me a few min­utes to calm down. My neigh­bours had ob­vi­ously put the drill on the win­dowsill and it had fallen out by ac­ci­dent when it’d got knocked by some­thing. How­ever, I know it was no ac­ci­dent that I’d been wo­ken up, but by whom? The voice had sounded like it was in­side my head. I sud­denly thought of my mother Joyce who had died from pan­cre­atic can­cer at 48 when I was 15. We were close and I have lovely mem­o­ries of her. I’ve often imag­ined she was still nearby. I now know that the voice was her warn­ing me of the im­pend­ing disas­ter. It came as proof that my mum is still look­ing out for me.

The voice sounded in my head

Lulu Walsh, 55, from Ful­ham, Lon­don

My mum: Saved me

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