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Do you think a work col­league is de­lib­er­ately send­ing ‘neg­a­tive en­ergy’ to you be­cause she’s jeal­ous? Well, think again. Ac­cord­ing to Danielle Fa­gan, aka The Third Eye Mama, there are many rea­sons why hu­mans have un­kind thoughts about one an­other… and they don’t con­sciously send out bad vibes. Fa­gan is a spir­i­tual coun­sel­lor who warns her clients not to get too hung up on neg­a­tiv­ity, as the fear of it could make it real. Fa­gan be­lieves the New Age prac­tice of ‘psy­chic pro­tec­tion’ can back­fire. The word ‘pro­tec­tion’ p is rooted in fear and the law of at­trac­tion, says Fa­gan – so p peo­ple spend too much time think­ing about what they don’t want to a at­tract in their lives in­stead o of what they do. Ac­cept that some peo­ple may not like you or will crit­i­cise you… a and don’t take th­ese as ‘psy­chic a at­tacks’. That only in­creases the chance th that t the neg­a­tive en­ergy will be­come to stuck in your per­sonal sphere. The trick is not worry about be­ing per­ma­nently pos­i­tive (no-one ever is), just to give the neg­a­tive stuff short shrift.

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