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A were­wolf movie with­out CGI..?

After quadru­ple by­pass surgery and spend­ing over a month in hos­pi­tal, Todd Sheets (left) de­cided the best way to re­cu­per­ate was to make a hor­ror film. In Kansas City, with were­wolves. And with­out CGI… Sheets is di­rect­ing an old-school hor­ror film with – as he calls them – ‘practical mon­ster’ ef­fects. The film is called Bone­hill Road, a and Sheets has turned t to crowd­fund­ing to raise m money for its pro­duc­tion. ‘Our g goal is to make an ex­cit­ing, s scary mon­ster movie with some re­ally cool were­wolves,’ s says Sheet. ‘Ev­ery dime will be p put into the mon­sters.’ Want to be a big bad wolf? For $1,000 USD (around £750), you can visit the movie set, and get an As­so­ci­ated Pro­ducer credit and an ac­tual were­wolf part in the film – great mem­o­ra­bilia for the true ly­can­thrope.

Four hun­dred years of sor­cery

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