She called me a slut

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Dear Michelle

I’ve been hap­pily mar­ried to Ian, 59, for 27 years, but Ian’s mum Alice, didn’t like me ini­tially. I had to hide if she vis­ited. It came to a head when Alice knocked on the door un­ex­pect­edly and I opened it. She went berserk, call­ing me a slut and a gold-dig­ger. I couldn’t stop cry­ing and ran out to my car, driv­ing around for ages un­til some­how I ended up in a church. I col­lapsed onto a pew and be­gan to pray. Al­though my eyes were tightly closed, sud­denly I could see a tall glow­ing fig­ure in front of me. He told me to be calm, and some­how I was. I then felt strong arms hug me and the glow com­pletely sur­rounded me. He said that ev­ery­thing was go­ing to be OK. As the glow faded, I felt amaz­ing; I knew Ar­changel Michael had vis­ited me. When I got back, Ian said that he’d told his mum we were get­ting mar­ried. It took years for her to ac­cept me, but even­tu­ally she did. Thank you, Ar­changel Michael. Iona, 58, Ber­wick

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