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When I learned my girl Isadora was hav­ing a sec­ond baby at 22, I wasn’t jump­ing for joy.

At 18 months, her son was barely walk­ing and she had just fin­ished univer­sity.

It’d def­i­nitely stop her chances of get­ting a job.

All I could think of was how she and her part­ner would cope fi­nan­cially with an­other child, and that over­shad­owed the ex­cite­ment. ‘Scar­lett’s her name,’ she told me hap­pily. ‘That’s hor­ri­ble,’ I moaned. ‘It re­minds me of the movie

Gone With The Wind.’

Of course she was too young to know about it. The movie was re­leased in 1939, based on a 1936 book. ‘I like it,’ she said. ‘You don’t have a clue,’ I replied. The movie tells the story of Scar­lett O’hara, who was very un­lucky. ‘Scar­lett was cursed,’ I said. That was enough to put my daugh­ter off the name. Days went by and the big news had set­tled in. I re­alised I hadn’t been very nice, felt bad.

I went to my daugh­ter’s house to let her know Scar­lett was a great name.

After all, Gone With The Wind was just a film and the char­ac­ter was fic­ti­tious.

That same day, my new deck of tarot cards ar­rived in the mail. In­side, there was a pa­per book­mark that came as gift. To my as­ton­ish­ment, it had Scar­lett O’hara on it and was pro­mot­ing the book Gone With The Wind. What are the chances of a 1936 book be­ing pro­moted in 2017? I called my daugh­ter and told her the news. ‘I’d been ask­ing for a sign from the Uni­verse for her name,’ she told me. ‘I guess this is it – she’s called Scar­lett.’ And this 3 July, beau­ti­ful baby Scar­lett was born, weigh­ing 8lbs 2oz. She’s our pre­cious gift.

In the film, Scar­lett O’hara was very un­lucky

Sign from the Uni­verse?

Book mark: Read into it

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