21 Mar – 20 Apr

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Your Re­la­tion­ship

Mars con­tin­ues his jour­ney through your Part­ner­ship Sec­tor all of this month and into the next. While this is great for pas­sion, it’s more com­plex when it comes to ego stuff. There may be an is­sue or two that needs care­ful han­dling – es­pe­cially around the 19th, when Pluto puts a span­ner in the works.

New Love

Get­ting in­volved with some­one who’s al­ready taken is usu­ally a hid­ing to noth­ing. Yet events close to Satur­day 4th could prove ir­re­sistible. The MarsP­luto clash on the 19th may see an abrupt end to an il­licit li­ai­son. If you want a gen­tle ride this month, steer clear of dan­ger­ous love.

Ca­reer and Money

Your suc­cess at work re­lies heav­ily now on a third party. Get on the right side of the peo­ple who count if you want to main­tain your cur­rent po­si­tion. Money mat­ters look glo­ri­ous, but here, too, it’s about your con­nec­tions with other peo­ple. A stun­ning VenusJupiter com­bi­na­tion on the 13th prom­ises an in­her­i­tance or cash gift.

Be­ing True to You

The 11th is sig­nif­i­cant when Saturn aligns with Uranus in your sign for the last time. The wheels of change have been in mo­tion for a long while and it’s in your own in­ter­ests not to hit the brakes. Time to be your as­sertive self now.

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